Unheard Of

Unheard Of

Description and Overview

This is a detailed investigation into Grove City, Ohio's most baffling and perplexing mystery. A case that's been swept under the rug for years. A case that has affected so many peoples lives that it almost feels wrong for the public to be in the dark about it.

The strange lights, the eerie encounters, the jail time, mental exhaustion and even loss of life this unnerving case includes...it'll make you question what you believe.

UNHEARD OF is the latest sci-fi thriller from the author of THE HILLIARD HAUNTING and THE SCOUT BROOKS STORY Series. "Being from the area really put me in the story...I could picture almost every scene with extreme detail." "Fascinating and horrifying." "Really kept me wanting to read and read!" "I loved it!" "I couldn't put it down!"

The reviews used for advertising purposes are from volunteer beta-readers before the books release, and are based on the second (of three) drafts.

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