Impossible Truce (Impossible Love Book 4)

Impossible Truce (Impossible Love Book 4)

Description and Overview

A #1 Amazon category bestseller from Clare James' Impossible Love Series about a technology geek turned gorgeous business tycoon and the woman he loves to hate!

It's an offer she can't refuse...

He was her best friend. He is her current enemy. Still, he wants her and she wants him. And they're both stuck in their hometown...unattached. So she agrees to a truce.

Two hours, once a week, no strings attached.

Yes, each day they give themselves to those who need them. Every day--except for a few stolen hours on Wednesday. That's when they take what they need from each other. But what sounds like the perfect arrangement, turns into so much more.

Impossible Truce, previously titled Two-Hour Truce, is a gritty and intoxicating stand-alone romance from Clare James that will keep you turning the pages no matter when you choose to indulge!

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