Second Hunger: Attack of the Paleo Panda! A Fast Fiction Technothriller (Aftermath Action Adventures Book 2)

Second Hunger: Attack of the Paleo Panda! A Fast Fiction Technothriller (Aftermath Action Adventures Book 2)

Description and Overview

"Delilah, Mad and Kate are a brilliant trio of savvy women and Pearson is the new James Bond. Can’t wait to get to know all the characters better in the next instalments!" ★★★★★

What's black and white, and red all over?

Pearson Granger wanted a quiet steak for breakfast, not an impossible plateful of peril. But when tech goes rogue, duty calls.

The Aftermath, Granger's elite team of mercenaries, is sent to a breakout at Edinburgh Zoo. It looks like an easy job. Then the nightmare begins.

To survive, they must fight suspicious scientists, international intrigue—and a very angry panda with a monstrous appetite.

With his friend in mortal danger, and tensions between Mad and Delilah threatening to tear The Aftermath apart, Granger must find the strength to face the red lab’s nightmare creation alone. Survival seems impossible.

Featuring a guest appearance by Kate Marx, the Queen of Cryptozoology.

What monster lurks under Edinburgh's ancient streets? Just how well do Pearson and Kate know one another? Can the beast be stopped? Will Mad's appetite destroy them all? Get Second Hunger and find out today.

Second Hunger continues The Aftermath Adventures, a fun, action-packed series of compact, punchy page-turning technothrillers.

Every story stands alone. You can read them in any order. Together, they are even better.

If you like believable characters, great locations, astonishing gadgets and page-turning plots then you’ll love spending time with Pearson Granger and his team. If you like NCIS, Michael Crichton, or the Kingsman movies, you’ll be hooked by The Aftermath Adventures.

Scroll up and get your teeth into Second Hunger now!

This book is Fast Fiction: a full-fat story in bite-sized parts. With Fast Fiction, you always have time to read. Fast-paced and hard to put down, you can tear through an episode in one sitting or savour the fun, mouthful by mouthful. Whether you want to binge out, or treat yourself to just one more, there's a great selection, with more episodes always on the way. It’s like reading your new favourite TV show.

Fast Fiction: snack-sized books for busy people

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