Oh My Muse: Prequel to the Blood Stone Series

Oh My Muse: Prequel to the Blood Stone Series

Description and Overview

A Succubus Must Feed

Sonya’s a succubus and she must feed on men in order to survive. One slight problem: she’s fallen for a girlfriend who believes in fidelity.

Sonya’s girlfriend is a powerful muse. Her magic, no matter how tasty, isn’t enough to keep Sonya alive. Sarah is the first relationship Sonya has ever had that was true. She’ll do anything it takes to keep their love alive.

Sonya seeks help from a local Succubi Den where a powerful Incubus can offer her what she needs. Perhaps Sarah would forgive infidelity if it meant she didn’t have to kill to survive. But when the Succubi Den turns her away because of her homosexuality, Sonya will have a choice to make. Tell Sarah the truth, or face starvation alone.

“Oh My Muse” is a short story prequel to “Succubus in Seattle” and part of the Blood Stone Series.  This series contains adult content.

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