Lucidium (Rise of the Dragons Book 1)

Lucidium (Rise of the Dragons Book 1)

Description and Overview

Dragons were never meant to be caged.

Catori must escape an ancient order bent on hunting down the last of her kind, or face certain extinction. The Lucidium Order is a private sect which trains gifted warriors to capture anomalous creatures laced with magic. They’ll stop at nothing to reacquire her powers for themselves.

When she finds two unlikely allies in a pair of Paladin warriors, brothers Leland and Tarek, they struggle to trust one another. Determined, the trio set out to find Catori’s remaining family, who are rumored to be the last of a legendary clan of dragons. All they find is a myriad of lies fracturing all their beliefs as they hit endless dead ends. Not everyone wants the truth about Catori’s past surfacing, and they’ll betray anyone to keep it concealed forever.

This is book 1 of a riveting urban-fantasy adventure series from USA Today Bestselling Author Alexia Purdy.

Book 2: Arcadian Coming Soon!

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