Hidden Powers (The Hidden World Serial Book 1)

Hidden Powers (The Hidden World Serial Book 1)

Description and Overview

My dream came true. I hated it.

I was a regular woman with a crappy job, a crappy apartment and a boring, unfulfilling life.

Obviously, I dreamed of being taken on an exciting adventure by a hot guy.

Then I met Bryan, and exactly that happened.

He’s hot, quite decent and we both have supernatural abilities. Sounds great?

Well, we were also poisoned and will die in a week if we can’t come up with $50,000.

But if this city’s underworld thinks they can break me, they are wrong. I’m just getting started.

The Hidden World Serial is an Urban Fantasy series of shorter reads, each about one hour long, featuring a badass heroine, supernatural abilities, complex characters and a story that will leave you wanting more!

For fans of books from CN Crawford, Linsey Hall or Alex Rivers!

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