Dawning Chaos: Paldimori Games

Dawning Chaos: Paldimori Games

Description and Overview

This is the prequel novella to the Paldimori Games series.

The end is just the beginning …

Titan Theophanes is the son of the God of Chaos tasked with keeping the balance between light and dark on Earth. He roamed the world for eons creating and destroying as he saw fit, void of all emotions until he fell in love.

Now he has finally found peace, surrounded by his family and his duties as the leader of his people—the Chaonians. Then the Greek humans under his protection are attacked. As if that weren't enough to deal with, the annual winter solstice celebration is only days away, and the Olympians have descended on his home. His wife calls them guests, but they're more like parasites.

He can handle their snide remarks and crazy demands. It's the feeling that something more sinister is lurking in the shadows— an enemy that he cannot see even in his visions—that has gripped Titan with a fear that he has never before known. When a warning comes from a surprising source, he is forced to take action. However, it may already be too late because the enemy is closer than he could ever have imagined.

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