The Dark of Twilight (Twilight Shifters Book 1)

The Dark of Twilight (Twilight Shifters Book 1)

Description and Overview

Half a kingdom is marked to turn into wolves at night and half to turn into wolves during the day, but one girl does not shift and she must save them all.

Aein lost her family when she was a child, and ever since, she dreamed of becoming a soldier for the man who saved her. When that day finally comes and she is sent to patrol the border's swamp, it seems like her wish has come true.

But something unearthly follows her home.

When Lord Arnkell's wedding is interrupted by a werewolf attack, the dream shifts into a cursed nightmare... and Aein is the only one awake. Will she be strong enough to defend the ones she loves? Or will she be destroyed by the coming darkness?

Book One in the complete Twilight Shifters trilogy.

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