BRINE: The Novelette (ORIGINS Book 1)

BRINE: The Novelette (ORIGINS Book 1)

Description and Overview

The Curse Begins. . .

Receiving grand receptions with their famous Minecraft Machinima series, EliteProductions now returns with their written novel saga!

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[The first edition was published in Feburary, 2018]

Herobrine Origins, one of the famous Minecraft film series that was ever created on YouTube, was loved by many Minecraft enthusiasts around the world. EliteProductions, the production team of this series, displayed the undiscovered new mythology on the famous Herobrine character with the story related to the Briggs family. They showed the art of family affection, their tough challenges, and sufferings.

With a unique reinterpretation from the author Jessie Yun, this grand opening of the mind-blowing series explains and grasps the deepened perspective from the original film itself, showing more details of Robert and Anna's hardship and decisions of the Brine Serum. . .

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