4 Mindsets for Effective Weight Loss: Prepare Your Mind to Lose Belly Fat

4 Mindsets for Effective Weight Loss: Prepare Your Mind to Lose Belly Fat

Description and Overview

To People who struggle with a Belly Fat

The reason why weight loss and getting a flat stomach is easier for some and hard for others, is because of the mindset. People with a strong mindset can accomplish anything, and people with a weak mindset give up easily. In this book we will cover the different ways of thinking, starting from ancient philosophers like Confucius and the Buddha, to contemporary successful figures like John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela and will check each principle with scientific evidence of how they work.

After understanding what makes successful people achieve their goals, we will be able to find 4 mindsets that will make our lives easier when trying to get rid of the stubborn belly fat.

Psychology of Losing Weight

This psychological approach to weight loss will help you prepare your mind before you attempt any diet, workout or new healthy habits. You will learn to see food and exercise differently and will find it easier to achieve your goals of losing your belly fat.

Dominate Any Diet or Workout

This book is not for people looking to for recipes, list of foods to eat and lose weight, exercise routines to do, or workout plans. This book is for people who have been struggling with Diets and Workouts, and would like to have their minds prepared before their next attempt so they can dominate any diet or workout.

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